Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Due to irregular lifestyle, the disease is spreading very fast. Its lifespan is more than 40 years, but now this disease has started happening to children as well. Once the body is captured, it cannot leave it. This disease is more in men than women.


  • » Hunger and fatigue
  • » Excessive urination and thirst
  • » Blurred vision
  • » Lose weight
  • » Nausea and vomiting
  • » Late wound healing
  • » Wound and swelling in gums


  • » Habit of drinking too much alcohol
  • » Smoking
  • » Sluggish lifestyle
  • » Spicy Food
  • » No exercise every day
  • » Sleep problems
  • » Genetics

Type 1 Diabetes

If any of the parents, grandparents in the family have diabetes, then the family members are more likely to get the disease.

Type 2 Diabetes

If you do not physical exertion, do not get enough sleep, have irregular eating and consume mostly fast food and sweet foods then the chances of getting diabetes increases.

Heart attack is prone to diabetes patients. In people who suffer from diabetes, the risk of heart attack increases by fifty times more than the normal person. Increasing the amount of glucose in the body causes hormonal changes and efforts are damaged which affects both blood vessels and veins. This may cause an artery blockage or a heart attack.

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