Sperm Leakage, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Sperm leakage is a problem in men, under which semen is released from the penis at any time without any sexual stimulation. When ejaculates occur during sex or genital stimulation in a male, the white semen released from the penis is called semen. Semen only comes out of the penis during sex or masturbation. But sometimes sexual stimulation can cause semen to leak from the male's penis, which can also be a sign of a male health problem.

In which situations can semen leak?

  • » Seminal leaking after urination.
  • » Sperm leakage during interaction with the partner .
  • » Sperm leakage while using the bathroom .
  • » Sperm leakage while watch Porn video.
  • » Sperm leakage while see the hot sexy girl.
  • » Sperm Leakage causes Sexual arousal
  • » Sperm leakage caused by Medication side effects .
  • » Semen Leakage caused by Prostate problems.
  • » Excessive consumption of aphrodisiac medicines.
  • » Sperm leakage causes Nocturnal emissions.

Sperm leakage causes

  • » Side effects of the drug.
  • » Nocturnal emissions.
  • » Excessive masturbation.
  • » alcohol abuse.
  • » Chronic infection.
  • » Zinc deficiency.
  • » Deformation of the genital organs.

Semen leakage treatment

Sperm leakage leads to physical and mental debility. This is possible only by Ayurvedic medicines. Therefore, to get rid of this disease, you should use only herbal medicines of Walbing Infertility Clinic.

चिपचिपा सा कुछ निकलता है, मैं क्या करूं?

जब किसी पुरुष का वीर्य बिना सम्भोग किये ही नीचे दी गई स्थितियो में निकल जाता है. इसे ही मज़ी का निकलना या सीमेन लीकेज कहते है. ऐसा मर्द औरत को सम्भोग का आनंद नहीं दे पाता औरत को अधूरा ही छोड़ देता है. औरत भी ऐसे मर्द को हीन दृष्टी से देखती है. चाहे उसका पति ही क्यों न हो, औरत ऐसे मर्द से किनारा करने लगती है. वह उसके साथ सम्भोग करना नहीं चाहती क्योंकि ऐसा मर्द सम्भोग का जो मज़ा औरत चाहती है औरत को नहीं दे पाता बल्कि औरत को अधूरा छोड़ देता है. इस रोग के कारन वैवाहिक जीवन बर्बाद हो जाता है.

  • - अश्लील वीडियो या फोटो देखने पर
  • - गर्ल फ्रेंड से बात करते समय या छूने पर
  • - पेशाब करने के बाद चिपचिपा सा सफ़ेद पानी निकलना.
  • - मन में सम्भोग करने का ख्याल आते ही
  • - लिंग से कपडे की रगड़ लगने पर
  • - रात को सोते समय वीर्य का निकलना


It is also known as स्वप्नदोष-svapanadosh and (Nocturnal emission) in english. Suddenly there is a problem of semen falling asleep. Sometimes the semen can also come out with a few drops of urine. Because of this, the boy's underwear gets wet due to and person becacmes uncomfortable. It is also known as wet dream. Sleep also comes during the day. But why does स्वप्नदोष-svapanadosh happen at night? The young boy who remains empty all day. And keeps more contact with his girlfriend or he talks to his girlfriend on the phone. Watches porn videos. Mostly such a boy gets moreस्वप्नदोष-svapanadosh. Nightfall is harmful in increasing age. The boys who have स्वप्नदोष-svapanadosh more than 2 times in a month have physical and mental weakness very quickly. The nerves of his penis arise. Semen comes out without a dream. Semen gets diluted like water. If you are troubled by स्वप्नदोष-svapanadosh, then get your lost youth after getting treated with our tried tips. Do not be ashamed and do not take disease like night fall lightly, treat it and stay happy

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