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Masturbation is done by both boys and girls. This is the personal behavior of both. Which is not considered worthy to be told to anyone else, in Masturbation, the genitals get extreme pleasure without having sex with their hands. Both married and unmarried men and women perform masturbation. Here I want to tell my readers that doing more masturbation or having a masturbation habit is harmful for the health of the man.

Masturbate in public places punishable offense.

Due to the habit of masturbation, some men's mental balance is disturbed. That they start to masturbate in public places after seeing a beautiful girl without shame. Which is a punishable offense. Never do this. Take advice and get treatment to get rid of masturbation.

When masturbation starts affecting your health and daily life, treatment should be taken immediately after consulting the sexologist of the clinic.

Masturbation Side Effects

  • » If you perform masturbation several times in 1 day, it affects your penis muscles.
  • » If you masturbate more than your capacity, feels physical weakness..
  • » With daily habit of masturbation, your performance and personality will be negative.
  • » Masturbating 6-7 times a week causes stress in your relationship.
  • » Due to the habit of masturbation, you will not be able to enjoy sex with a partner properly.

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