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How to know We have obesity


Obesity, enemy of good health and sex life. Pay more attention to eating and drinking, even if you do not lose weight. Make changes in lifestyle. Exercise daily morning and evening. Stay away from smoking, alcohol. There are many important rules for any woman and man. Which will keep you away from the terrible disease of obesity. Obesity is a disease that affects both men and women health. Makes you anxious. Obesity is not the root of disease, rather it is the root of physical and mental suffering. It has different negative effects on the health and sexual life of men and women.

Effects of obesity in men

  • » Erection Problem
  • » Premature ejaculation problem..
  • » Lack of Sex power..
  • » Lack of self-confidence
  • » Physical weakness,
  • » Mental weakness
  • » HeartAttack.
  • » Diabetes.

Effects of obesity in women

  • » Lack of self-confidence.
  • » Mental weakness.
  • » Physical weakness.
  • » Feeling ashamed.
  • » Not reaching orgasm.
  • » Low sex drive.
  • » Effect of not having blood circulation properly.

Treatment of Obesity

The state of obesity in which the weight of a woman or a man increases so much that it affects her health. If one consumes excess calories, then it starts accumulating in the body in the form of extra calories. In Ayurveda, it is treated after checking the patient's condition. In Ayurveda there are such herbs which naturally removes the excess calories stored in the body outside the body.

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