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Be happy, your penis size is fine.


Can we stretch the penis by hand?

I'm not happy ...? My penis is thin, small. sometimes every man asks himself about the size of the penis? Will I be able to satisfy a woman in sex or not? On the one hand, the woman likes hard, long thick penis. On the other hand, it is not easy to meet men with much longer fat sex. According to health, the size of penis is perfect. You do not get confused by watching a porn movie. You can also satisfy a woman in sex if your sex power is right. Be happy, your penis size is fine. A size of about 4 inches is enough to satisfy these women. Just keep in mind that you have measured the penis properly.

Why do nerves arise on the Penis?

When you masturbate or have sex, then the veins in the penis arise because the blood flow in it becomes fast and it becomes hard. When normal, the blood flow in it becomes same as before. At the age of 20, due to excessive masturbation, the penis becomes small, thin and loose. When erect the penis is less than 3 inches, then it is commonly called Micro Penis. If the size of the erect penis is 5 inches, then it is normal size of the penis. Men want my penis to be thicker and stronger. The woman also wants to play with the thick, long and strong penis of the man for a long time during sex. That is why the man remains dissatisfied with the size of the penis, but actually the woman also likes the long, thick and strong penis.

What causes curvature in the penis?

Are you also troubled by the problem of twisted and crooked penis? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about because today we will talk about the methods and treatment to straighten the crooked penis. It is common for the penis to be very crooked, but the excessively bent penis becomes a cause for trouble, especially for those who are married. Due to crooked penis, men have to face pain and mental tension during sexual intercourse.

How to straighten sinuous penis?

This question can be of every man. Whether the size of the penis actually increases or not. A man immersed in the concern of increasing the size of the penis accepts everyone's talk. But the size of his penis could increase even a bit, in the end the man accepts defeat. Weak loose penis due to any reason, can be long thick. To increase the size of the penis, a man will have to massage the penis with oil and eat medicine for a few days. Nothing can be said about how long and thick the penis will be.

Is My Penis Too Small?

Keep in mind that understanding your partner's needs and desires is more need to improve your sexual relationship than size of your penis. Many men believe that increasing the size of their penis will make them more attractive. But your penis should be within the normal size range. Even if your penis size, it may not matter to your partner.

For strong, long and bigger penis

  • » Always clean your penis
  • » Exercise daily
  • » Don't get drunk
  • » Don't have much sex
  • » Stay away from stress
  • » Do not eat fizzy food
  • » Overcome obesity
  • » Treat diabetes, high blood pressure

Herbal Medicine and Oil for Penis growth

"Is my penis small at all?" Every man must ask himself this question at some time.Due to any wrong habit of male, Ayurvedic medicine for penis disorder. Does big penis mean more satisfaction? The shape of the vagina is suitable for any size penis. It is not easy to tell women the truth about penis size. Instead of telling her true choice, she can say that penis size does not matter. Men are more concerned about penis size than women. The importance of penis size more than women dominates the minds of men.

herbal Oil for Penis massage

  • » This oil is for external use only.
  • » Do not have sex after massaging with this oil.
  • » Take 1 or 2 drops of oil and massage it as described.
  • » Never wash the penis with cold water.
  • » Massage 2 times a day for about 10 minutes

Thoughts of a dissatisfied woman in sex

I am a 27 year old married woman. I often think of sex. Whenever I see an attractive man, the body starts to stir and I get very excited. I feel like hugging and loving that person. Sex starts dominating in the heart. Actually, sexual satisfaction never met husband after marriage. Am i unusual Please advise appropriately.

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